You elevate the bar for everyone around you

You wouldn’t settle for just anyone, we get that

You crave a branding partner who gets you, someone who shares your spark. A partner who brings out the best in you. Someone who understands where you want to go – with the branding expertise to light the way.

You seek a partner who leaves no stone unturned. Quick fixes and half-hearted efforts aren’t our cup of tea either.

We refine. We triple check.

We know that an excellent idea will fall flat with poor execution, that is why we’re mindful of the details. We want your brand to look and sound great. We’re meticulous and aim for excellence in our craft. Our delivery is comprehensive and clear, providing you with a brand toolkit ready for market.

We're in it for the long haul.

We grow with the brands we support. We are here to steer the direction of your brand and encourage you in every step of the way. We value effective communication and truly understanding where you want to go.

Your success is our success. We care about your brand’s well-being and use our expertise to breathe life into your business ideas. Our most successful brand engagements happen when our clients are dedicated, excited to participate in the process, and put their hearts into everything they do.

Behind the scenes

Meet your brand guides

Elisma du Plessis

Brand Strategist & Designer

“It all started with my love for the arts. I’m curious at heart and have always been fascinated with what makes people tick. Naturally, that steered me to pursue a career in branding – it’s the perfect blend between analytical thinking and creative expression. I obtained my B.A. Degree in Visual Communication in 2013 at Open Window in South Africa.

I worked as an in-house graphic designer, as a freelancer, and then as Art Director at a through-the-line agency. Driven by my appetite for freedom in the projects I take on and the people I work with, I took a leap of faith and quit a job I loved. I founded Achro Brand Studio in 2018 – a year spent living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The entrepreneurial spirit of the expat community inspired me early in my journey to explore different areas of the industry. I’ve since narrowed down my offering to brand strategy and identity design.

I live in Cape Town with my husband Francois, and our three dogs. I’m listening with an open mind, offering my skills and enthusiasm to help you achieve your goals.”

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Francois du Plessis

Webflow Developer

My journey into web development took an unconventional path. I’ve been a behind-the-scenes supporter of Achro Brand Studio since inception. Little did I know that through supporting Elisma in her career, I was carving a new career path for myself.

I’ve been working as a Mathematics, Science and English educator for the past few years. The same passion that led me to pursue a career in teaching sparked my interest in web development: my love for people and helping them express themselves through their work. I found that I have a natural knack for understanding branding and the integration of technology. My interest in the field fueled me to upskill my way into becoming a developer in Webflow.

Finally the right time came, and I joined Achro Brand Studio mid-2023. I am excited to see what the future holds for me in my new career. I am confident that I can continue to learn and grow and become an even more valuable asset to our clients.

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